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Our Clients

Because we respect privacy and competitive advantages, we don't share any information about our clients. If you would like a reference or wish to hear success stories, we will gladly schedule an appointment for you to meet with one or more of our current clients.

The story you will hear will go something like this:
-“We doubled in size after just one year of working with Mogem!”
-”We had to hire three more people just to answer phone calls from interested clients who were ready to buy.”
-”We became a leader in our industry and our main competitor went out of business. It looks like we took a huge chunk of the market with Mogem's infrastructure!”
-”We were able to properly structure our business to scale. Thanks to Mogem’s performance-based commission, our marketing risks were zero and cash flow was not an issue, since we were able to pay them after receiving payments from our clients.”




When working with marketing or consulting companies, most people expect to allocate their budget first. That’s not the case with us; instead, we spend our own money and time to bring clients to you, convert them, and then receive some of your profit. Your financial or marketing risk is zero, because we take this risk.

Unfortunately, this also means that we can’t work with every company that approaches us.

Should we be confident in your capacity to grow and your ability to scale and evolve, we would be eager to work together. The only way for us to achieve a profit is to bring your sales and revenues to new heights.